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Sollapura  J.  Vishwanath

Sollapura J. Vishwanath


Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, Carleton University, Canada, 2013

Current position

NSERC-visiting Post Doctoral Fellow, ECORC, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Ottawa, Canada


  1. Vishwanath, S. J., Delude, C., Domergue, F. and Rowland, O. (2015). Suberin: biosynthesis, regulation, and polymer assembly of a protective extracellular barrier. Plant Cell Rep 34(4): 573-586.
  2. Pulsifer, I. P., Lowe, C., Narayaran, S. A., Busuttil, A. S., Vishwanath, S. J., Domergue, F. and Rowland, O. (2014). Acyl-lipid thioesterase1-4 from Arabidopsis thaliana form a novel family of fatty acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterases with divergent expression patterns and substrate specificities. Plant Mol Biol 84(4-5): 549-563.
  3. Vishwanath, S. J., Kosma, D. K., Pulsifer, I. P., Scandola, S., Pascal, S., Joubes, J., Dittrich-Domergue, F., Lessire, R., Rowland, O. and Domergue, F. (2013). Suberin-associated fatty alcohols in Arabidopsis: distributions in roots and contributions to seed coat barrier properties. Plant Physiol 163(3): 1118-1132.
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  5. Domergue, F.*, Vishwanath, S. J.*, Joubes, J., Ono, J., Lee, J. A., Bourdon, M., Alhattab, R., Lowe, C., Pascal, S., Lessire, R. and Rowland, O. (2010). Three Arabidopsis fatty acyl-coenzyme A reductases, FAR1, FAR4, and FAR5, generate primary fatty alcohols associated with suberin deposition. Plant Physiol 153(4): 1539-1554. (*Co-first author)
Protocols by Sollapura J. Vishwanath
  1. Seed Coat Permeability Test: Tetrazolium Penetration Assay
  2. Root Aliphatic Suberin Analysis Using Non-extraction or Solvent-extraction Methods