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Pablo   Bolaños-Villegas

Pablo Bolaños-Villegas


Ph.D. in Molecular and Biological Sciences of Agriculture, National Chung Hsing University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2014

Current position

2016 Highly Cited Researcher
Researcher, Fabio Baudrit Experimental Station, University of Costa Rica

Publications (since 2005)

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  2. Saminathan, T., Bolaños-Villegas, P., and Jauh, G. Y. (2012). Branching pattern: an inevitable trait for rice production. In: Liu, Y. and Froyen, L. (eds). Rice: production, consumption and health benefits. Nova Publishers, 89-103.
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Protocols by Pablo Bolaños-Villegas
  1. Protocol for the Preparation of Arabidopsis Meiotic Chromosome Spreads and Fluorescent in situ Hybridization