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Marisa   Rosa

Marisa Rosa


Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Gregor Mendel Institute, University of Vienna, Austria, 2012

Current position

Postdoctoral scholar in Developmental Plant Biology, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, USA (04/2013-present)


  1. Rosa, M., Von Harder, M., Cigliano, R. A., Schlogelhofer, P. and Mittelsten Scheid, O. (2013). The Arabidopsis SWR1 chromatin-remodeling complex is important for DNA repair, somatic recombination, and meiosis. Plant Cell 25(6): 1990-2001.
  2. Pecinka, A., Rosa, M., Schikora, A., Berlinger, M., Hirt, H., Luschnig, C. and Mittelsten Scheid, O. (2009). Transgenerational stress memory is not a general response in Arabidopsis. PLoS One 4(4): e5202.
  3. Pecinka, A., Dinh, H. Q., Baubec, T., Rosa, M., Lettner, N. and Mittelsten Scheid, O. (2010). Epigenetic regulation of repetitive elements is attenuated by prolonged heat stress in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 22(9): 3118-3129.
  4. Erilova, A., Brownfield, L., Exner, V., Rosa, M., Twell, D., Mittelsten Scheid, O., Hennig, L. and Kohler, C. (2009). Imprinting of the polycomb group gene MEDEA serves as a ploidy sensor in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet 5(9): e1000663.
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Protocols by Marisa Rosa
  1. DNA Damage Sensitivity Assays with Arabidopsis Seedlings
  2. Measuring Homologous Recombination Frequency in Arabidopsis Seedlings