Peichuan Zhang
  • Department of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
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Analysis of Mouse Liver Glycogen Content
Author:  Peichuan Zhang, date: 05/20/2012, view: 21794, Q&A: 10
Liver is the major site for glycogen storage. Glycogen content can be significantly altered upon disruption of glucose homeostasis in metabolic syndromes, such as diabetes. Glycogen content can be determined by an acid-hydrolysis method ...
Alcian Blue – Alizarin Red Staining of Mouse Skeleton
Author:  Peichuan Zhang, date: 04/20/2012, view: 17585, Q&A: 9
Our lab has used the Alcian blue – Alizarin red staining method with certain modifications to characterize skeleton deformities in mice lacking Pek/Perk, encoding a translational control eIF2alpha kinase.