Mark Burns Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University, United States, United States,
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Italo Mocchetti Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University, United States, United States,
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David Loane Department of Anesthesiology, Center for Shock, Trauma, and Anesthesiology Research (STAR), University of Maryland School of Medicine, United States, United States,
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Maria Fe Lanfranco Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University, United States, United States,
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Sonia Villapol
  • Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University, United States, United States,
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Ph.D., Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Current position

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Georgetown University , USA


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1 Protocol published
Combination of Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) and Immunofluorescence Imaging for Detection of Cytokine Expression in Microglia/Macrophage Cells
Authors:  Maria Fe Lanfranco, David J. Loane, Italo Mocchetti, Mark P. Burns and Sonia Villapol, date: 11/20/2017, view: 52, Q&A: 0
Microglia and macrophage cells are the primary producers of cytokines in response to neuroinflammatory processes. But these cytokines are also produced by other glial cells, endothelial cells, and neurons. It is essential to identify the cells that ...