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Haustorium Induction Assay of the Parasitic Plant Phtheirospermum japonicum
Authors:  Juliane K. Ishida, Satoko Yoshida and Ken Shirasu, date: 05/05/2017, view: 1082, Q&A: 0
Phtheirospermum japonicum is a facultative root parasitic plant in the Orobanchaceae family used as a model parasitic plant. Facultative root parasites form an invasive organ called haustorium on the lateral parts of their roots. To ...
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Cytology and Microscopy: Immunolocalization of Covalently Modified Histone Marks on Barley Mitotic Chromosomes
Authors:  Isabelle Colas, Katie Baker and Andrew J. Flavell, date: 06/20/2016, view: 2246, Q&A: 0
Barley is a diploid inbreeding crop with a genome of 5 GB organized into seven chromosomes. The relatively low chromosome number and their large size makes barley an excellent model for chromosome cytogenetic studies of large genome cereal crops. ...
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