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Xylem Sap Extraction Method from Hop Plants
Authors:  Marko Flajšman, Stanislav Mandelc, Sebastjan Radišek and Branka Javornik, date: 03/20/2017, view: 1292, Q&A: 0
Verticillium wilt is one of the most important diseases on hop that significantly influence continuation of production on affected areas. It is caused by the soil borne vascular pathogen Verticillium nonalfalfae, which infects plants ...
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Simple Methods for Screening and Statistical Analysis of Leaf Epidermal Cells in Dicotyledonous Plants
Authors:  Jian-Jun Tao, Shou-Yi Chen and Jin-Song Zhang, date: 09/05/2016, view: 1892, Q&A: 0
Leaf epidermal cell size and number are positively correlated to leaf area. Stomata are specialized epidermal cells vital for gas exchange and water transpiration. So, observation and statistical analysis of the leaf epidermal cells is valuable for ...
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