Marshall Stoller Department of Urology, University of California, USA
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Pankaj Kapahi Department of Urology, University of California, USA
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Tiffany Zee Department of Urology, University of California, USA
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Adler Dillman Department of Nematology, University of California, USA
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Cheng-Hsun Ho Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center (ABRC) of Academia Sinica
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Daniel Kraus 1st Department of Medicine, Würzburg University Hospital
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Jianwei Sun South China Agricultural University
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Neelanjan Bose
  • Post-Doc, University of California, San Francisco
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • Metabolic diseases, drug development, invertebrate model systems
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Ph.D., Cornell University

Lab information

Pankaj Kapahi Lab


1 Protocol published
Mass Spectrometry-based in vitro Assay to Identify Drugs that Influence Cystine Solubility
Authors:  Neelanjan Bose, Tiffany Zee, Pankaj Kapahi and Marshall L. Stoller, date: 07/20/2017, view: 280, Q&A: 0
Cystinuria is a rare genetic disorder characterized by recurrent, painful kidney stones, primarily composed of cystine, the dimer of the amino acid cysteine (Sumorok and Goldfarb, 2013). Using a mouse model of cystinuria, we have recently shown that ...
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Imaging the Pharynx to Measure the Uptake of Doxorubicin in Caenorhabditis elegans
Caenorhabditis elegans offers an array of advantages to investigate the roles of uptake transporters. Herein, an epifluorescent microscopy approach was developed to monitor the uptake of the autofluorescent anticancer drug, doxorubicin, ...
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Electroshock Induced Seizures in Adult C. elegans
Authors:  Monica G Risley, Stephanie P Kelly and Ken Dawson-Scully, date: 05/05/2017, view: 535, Q&A: 0
The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a useful model organism for dissecting molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases. While hermaphrodite C. elegans contain only 302 neurons, the conserved homologous neurotransmitters, ...
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