Elena Fedorova Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Department of Plant Sciences, Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
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Aleksandr Gavrin
  • Research associate, Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge
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  • Molecular biology
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PhD, Wageningen University

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Sebastian Schornack Lab

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Quantification of the Volume and Surface Area of Symbiosomes and Vacuoles of Infected Cells in Root Nodules of Medicago truncatula
Authors:  Aleksandr Gavrin and Elena E. Fedorova, date: 12/05/2015, view: 2591, Q&A: 0
Legumes are able to form endosymbiotic interactions with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia. Endosymbiosis takes shape in formation of a symbiotic organ, the root nodule. Medicago truncatula (M. truncatula) nodules contain several zones ...
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Cytohistological Analyses of Mega-sporogenesis and Gametogenesis in Ovules of Limonium spp.
Authors:  Ana S. Róis and Ana D. Caperta, date: 11/05/2016, view: 1613, Q&A: 0
Limonium spp. are known to have sexual and apomixis (asexual reproduction through seeds) reproductive modes. Here, we present dissection protocol developed for ovules of Limonium spp. using differential interference contrast (DIC) ...
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