Tariq Enver UCL Cancer Institute, University College, UK
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Cristina Pina Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge, UK
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Cristina Fugazza
  • Dipartimento de Biotecnologie e Bioscienze, Universita degli Studi de Milano-Bicocca, Italy
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EML Erythroid and Neutrophil Differentiation Protocols
Authors:  Cristina Pina, Cristina Fugazza and Tariq Enver, date: 06/20/2014, view: 4268, Q&A: 0
Erythroid-Myeloid-Lymphoid cells (EML) are a multipotent haematopoietic cell line of mouse bone marrow origin capable of long-term maintenance in vitro in the presence of SCF (stem cell factor) (Tsai et al., 1994). The self-renewal ...