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Samik Bhattacharya Department of Botany, Osnabrueck University, Germany
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Sam-Geun Kong
  • Associate professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Kongju National University
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • chloroplast movement
    light signaling
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D. Sc., Kyoto University

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Observation of Chloroplast-actin Filaments in Leaves of Arabidopsis
Authors:  Sam-Geun Kong and Masamitsu Wada , date: 12/20/2013, view: 3508, Q&A: 0
Chloroplast-actin (cp-actin) filaments play a pivotal role in chloroplast photorelocation movement. This protocol describes observation of cp-actin filaments in intact palisade cells of Arabidopsis leaves (Kong et al., 2013). The ...
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Photometric Assays for Chloroplast Movement Responses to Blue Light
Assessment of chloroplast movements by measuring changes in leaf transmittance is discussed, with special reference to the conditions necessary for reliable estimation of blue light–activated chloroplast responses.
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In vitro Phosphorylation Assay of Putative Blue-light Receptor Phototropins Using Microsomal and Plasma-membrane Fractions Prepared from Vallisneria Leaves
Authors:  Yuuki Sakai, Shin-ichiro Inoue and Shingo Takagi, date: 11/05/2015, view: 2124, Q&A: 0
An aquatic angiosperm Vallisneria (Alismatales: Hydrocharitaceae) has been used as an excellent experimental material over a century to study the light regulation of dynamic intracellular movements including chloroplast redistribution and ...
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